Linkedin – Friend or Foe?

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When Linked In came on the scene in 2003, it was one of the many emerging social networking sites along with the likes of Orkut (by Google), Friendster and Plaxo (where are some of these players now?). Since the 2009 global financial crisis, I have seen the emergence of Linked In as a true force and the diminishing value of career portals such as Monster, JobsDB and Hot Jobs.
Today, Linked In reported they have 100 million users and is the place to go for professional social networking. Recently, Linked In launched an IPO on NYSE and on the first day more than double its IPO price (I smell dot com bubble 2.0?).
What I love about Linked In is that is a ‘live’ database that I am interacting with. Users proactively update their current status, share info and thoughts through postings, joining groups and connecting with people they know and people in a wider unlimited network. Unlike a resume on the database of a career portal, Linked In is constantly updated.
With 100 million people connected on Linked In, I can search and read up on almost anyone’s profile. Without coming across as a stalker, it is extremely useful to know a person’s background before meeting them for the first time. For a job seeker, this is an opportunity to impress and break the ice quickly with your interviewer when you can demonstrate that you are proactive and have taken the time to do some research.
As a recruiter, I am able to search for talent using multiple search fields such as position titles, company names and skills. Within a few minutes, and playing with different combinations on the search fields, I am able to locate my target talents anywhere in the world.

In addition, Linked In has launched a paid service that allows me to pre-set certain search fields and to receive updated when someone changes their job title or company. That way I can track people movement within my target audience or industry. All that valuable information is available at the click of a few buttons.
Going forward, I believe for a recruitment business like Firebrand to be successful, we have to use Linked In and other social media channels to our advantage to stay top of mind with our talent and clients so that we are the first and only call our talents and clients have to make for career consulting and their recruitment needs.

Steven Pang, Director at Fireband Group 

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